Hiru Uththama dathu wanda which filled Buddhists with religious joy ends.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013 - 8:14





The Uttama Dhaatu Vandanaava  of the Hiru Shaakya-singha  Celebration organized by Hiru FM and Hiru TV of the ABC Media Networks reminiscing the triple feast Lord Buddha at the Kiri Vehera Sacred precincts concluded last dawn.


Our representatives reporting from the location said that hundreds of thousands of devotees paid their obeisance to the Sacred Relics of Lord Buddha on this occasion.


While the sacred Kapilavasthupura relics of Lord Buddha were exposed at the Katharagama Kiri Vehera Sacred precincts throughout two full days for the benefit of devotees, the transposing of the sacred relics from the Kiri Vehera sacred precincts to the Vaskaduwa Sri Subhuuthi Temple began last dawn.


While the exposition of the sacred relics took place at three more sacred temples on the way, thousands of devotees participated in the occasion.