Another person held under police custody dies; Tense situation before Dematagoda police

Monday, 03 June 2013 - 19:02



Police Spokesperson SP Buddhika Siriwardhana states that a suspect who was placed under arrest by the Dematagoda police has succumbed to his injuries following admission to hospital.


A tense situation arose before the Dematagoda police this evening with crowds protesting against the death of the suspect.


Those engaged in the protest charged that the suspect had died as a result of the police assault.


A 41 year old resident of Karipulla Waththa Dematagoda has been identified as the deceased suspect.


However according to police Spokesperson SP Buddhika Siriwardhana the suspect had been placed under arrest yesterday for the possession of narcotics.


The suspect who had fallen ill this morning had died following his admission to hospital.