Ravana Balaya to protest against Sri Lanka Cricket.

Sunday, 09 June 2013 - 19:12



Ravana Balaya claims that the Sri Lanka Cricket Institute should be held responsible for bringing the country into disrepute at the ICC Champions Trophy being played in Cardiff.


A foreign music clip was played while the Sri Lankan national flag was escorted in to the play ground at the inaugural ceremony of the ICC Champions Trophy.


The organizers had arranged to play music clips fitting to the local cultures and traditions of 7 countries except Sri Lanka.


Ravan Balaya said that a Hindi music clip was played instead our own when Sri Lanka national flag was brought in to the ground.




Ravana Balaya Convener Iththekande Saddhatissa Thera said that his organization will stage a protest in this regard in front of the Sri Lanka Cricket tomorrow.




Faults of this nature were reported at several previous International Cricket matches in which Sri Lankan Cricket team participated.


At the inaugural one day cricket match held in Australia in 2011, this is how the Sri Lanka national anthem was sung.




Senior Journalist S. Piyasena wrote to local newspapers when the Sri Lankan national anthem was played with faults at 2 occasions during the Boxing Day Test Match held in Australia last year.


Senior Journalist and former diplomat S. Piyasena recalled the incident taken place in Australia to our news team.