Mother takes her own life following daughter's suicide

Saturday, 15 June 2013 - 19:10


The mother of the young woman who committed suicide after leaping in front of a train along the Kosgoda - Kaikawala railway, committed suicide today after leaping in front of a tipper truck.


The young woman committed suicide at approximately 4.30pm yesterday after leaping in front of a train travelling from Matara to Colombo.


The father and the 55 year old mother along with the sister of the deceased woman visited the Kosgoda police for statements regarding the incident.


The police stated that the mother had leapt in front of a tipper truck near the police while on her way home after statements were recorded.


The father of the family from Horawala – Wijayagama, had the following to say with regard to his daughter, Shashika Madushani, committing suicide.




However, speaking to our news team the sister of the deceased, Thushari Shyama, stated that her mother was in a state of depression following the demise of her daughter.


She alluded that this may have been the cause which drove her to take her own life.

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