Additional Voter registrations of the displaced in the North to be finalised within 2 weeks

Wednesday, 19 June 2013 - 12:52



The elections secretariat states that it will complete the preparation of the additional voter registration list of those who have been displaced in the North and thus not been registered in the current voter registration list in two weeks.


Deputy elections commissioner M. M. Mohommad stated that those who were living in the North and settle in other regions as displaced persons will be able to register in this voters list.


The elections commissioner is scheduled to print and publicize a special application paper with this regard in the near future and those who were displaced from the North can request for registration through the region’s grama sevaka.


The draft bill to provide voting rights to those displaced in the North was passed with amendments in parliament yesterday.


Hence the elections commissioner is scheduled to add an additional voter registration list including the names of those displace from the North apart from the current voter registration list of 2012.