All set to make Hiru Shraddhabhi-wandana a success at historic Thooparama sacred grounds tomorrow

Saturday, 22 June 2013 - 19:23


All preparations have been completed in order to make the ‘Hiru Shraddha-bi-wandana’ programme a success in lieu of Poson Poya which would be observed by Buddhist devotees the world over.


Organized jointly by Hiru FM & Hiru TV the event will be hosted at the historic Thuparama sacred grounds tomorrow.


A specialty of the vent would be the ordaining of several lay children which is based on a concept of the Chairman of the Asian Broadcasting Corporation Rayynor Silva.


A special sponsorship programme meanwhile would be initiated on behalf of the ordained novices under the faithful patronage of Hiru TV & Hiru FM.


Moreover a special ‘adishtana pooja’ hoping for the longevity of the Buddha Sasana has also been organized as part of tomorrows religious observations.

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