40 thousand metric tones of substandard diesel received yet again

Monday, 24 June 2013 - 12:58


Reports reaching our news team stated that 40 thousand metric tons of substandard diesel have been imported to Sri Lanka from United Arab Emirates.

Samples which were tested for quality at two laboratories of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation have proved that the new diesel stocks were of inferior quality.

However CPC Managing Director Susantha de Silva said that actions were already taken to reject the stock.

Substandard fuel was imported on several occasions in the past as well, and sometimes, a crisis situation was erupted with regard to the fuel import.

CPC Managing Director said that the respective company has agreed to provide new stock in lieu of the substandard diesel.

Our News team however questioned CPC Managing Director Susantha de Silva about the continuous import of substandard fuel to the country.


However Petroleum Corporation Trade Unions stated that the reason for the same mistake to be repeated is the failure of the authorities to blacklist such fuel importers.

JSS Secretary of the CPC branch Ananda Palitha had this to say.



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