Welioya students who took part in Poson lantern competition gifted razors and sanitary towels

Tuesday, 25 June 2013 - 19:12


Our news team today received reports regarding rather unique gift packs given to Sunday school students who took part in a Poson lantern competition held in the Welioya Sampathnuwara region.


The Welioya – Sampathnuwara divisional secretariat had organized a Poson lantern competition last night and accordingly all the Sunday school students in the region were notified to take part by the divisional secretariat.


The prizes provided for the students who took part were sponsored by the Red Cross Society.


A majority of the consolation prizes reserved for participation were given to students between the age of 11 and 12 years.


Following the prize giving the parents opened the gift packs in the presence of their children.


Upon opening the gift packs both parents and students were surprised to find that the gift packs contained razors, toothpaste and female sanitary towels.


Several parents who spoke to our news team stated that they found themselves in an awkward situation after discovering the contents of the gift pack.


One student expressed the following regarding the gift pack received.




However, our Welioya correspondent reported that the contents of the gift packs were printed on the gift wrapper.


Although our news team attempted to contact the Welioya – Sampathnuwara divisional secretary W. Deepal Nishantha Sirimanna regarding this, it was to no avail.


Subsequently our news team contacted the Welioya – Sampathnuwara divisional secretariat itself and an official of the divisional secretariat stated that he had no knowledge of it and that the gifts were sponsored by the Red Cross Society.

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