Ambassadors made aware regarding the select committee; Sama samaja party disappointed.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013 - 19:05


Lanka Sama Samaja Party questioned the government today as to why it did not name its member to the Parliament Select Committee in its efforts to solve the national problem.


Issuing a communiqué LSSP Deputy Secretary Anil de Soyza asked the government to clear whether it was a mistake or the influence of the nationalistic elements.




Meanwhile External Affairs Minister G.L. Peiris told a meeting of foreign diplomats today that the Parliament Select Committee would be the best mechanism to solve the current Constitutional Amendment Crisis.


He said that the government has discussed with the TNA on the matters to be taken at the PSC.


The Minister was also affirmative that all political parties would participate in the PSC sessions to be met soon.


However JVP General Secretary Tylvin Silva said during a press briefing held in Colombo today that his party would not participate in the PSC meetings.


He said that the JVP would present a proposal to solve the problems of Tamils instead.




UNP MP Lakshaman Kiriella expressed his views on the issue at a press briefing held in Colombo today.



The Democratic Peoples Front and TNA also had discussions on the PSC meetings yesterday.


Democratic Peoples Front Leader Mano Ganeshan expressed his views to our news team.




Meanwhile Provincial Councils are bringing in resolutions regarding the change of 2 clauses of the 13th Amendment.


The same resolution was passed by 9 majority votes when it was presented to North Western Provincial Council today.


The specific feature at the voting today was that the left-wing parties too voted with the ruling party members for the resolution.


The two changes proposed to be made to the 13th Amendment would prevent two or more Provincial Councils to be merged themselves into one administrative unit and enables Parliament to make laws on subjects only with the approval from majority of the provincial councils instead of approval from all of them as set out in the present Constitution.


The Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council also passed the same resolution during a voting held yesterday.


Members of the left-wing parties and some ruling SLFP members voted against the second clause when a vote was taken in Southern Provincial Council yesterday.


As a result, the resolution at the Southern Provincial Council was passed by only one majority vote.


Meanwhile the SLFP parliamentary group met this afternoon to discuss about the 13th Amendment.


During the meeting, the SLFP members have agreed at the Cabinet decision with regard to the 13th Amendment.


However the participants were of the opinion that a decision regarding the police powers and land powers should be taken at the PSC meetings.