Residents of 12 villages dragged to the road

Thursday, 27 June 2013 - 12:57


Residents of 12 villages of the Moragahakanda Mahaweli Project staged a protest on the Elahera  Bakamuna road, demanding compensation for the acquired lands or alternative lands this morning.

Residents of Tabarawa, Gal-porugolla, Alagamuwa, Thalagoda, Meda Pihilla, Kadawatha, Moragolla, Ambana, Kongawela, Galbada, Gammantenna and Dahaya Kanuwa have joined the protest.

Our correspondent in the area said that the Elahera  Bakamuna road was blocked due to the protest.

However several protesters expressed their grievances to our news team.


Our news team contacted Project Manager of the Moragahakanda Mahaweli Project R.B. Tennakoon to comment on the issue.