UNP asks to stop the ploy

Friday, 28 June 2013 - 19:10


UNP MP Mangala Samaraweera requested the government to stop its ploy on the 13th Amendment which has now attracted much political opinions.


A political dialogue on the proposal to making changes to the 13th Amendment emerged as the government scheduled the Northern Provincial Council elections for next September.


During a press briefing held in Colombo today, MP Samaraweera said that certain members of the Sri Lankan Freedom Party also are against the governments decision to make the changes to the 13th Amendment.




However, Minister Dallus Alahapperuma expressed a different opinion on the 13th Amendment during a ceremony held in Marata.




Meanwhile the Central Provincial Council also passed the resolution brought to support the government’s decision to make changes to the 13th Amendment today.


The CP Opposition, except two UNP members abstained from voting when the resolution was presented.


Lakshman Wijesiri and M.R.M. Hamjad of the UNP and M.M.M. Marjan who contested elections under the SLMC ticket but remains now as an independent member voted for the resolution.


The resolution is waiting to be presented in the Western and the Eastern Provincial Councils.