Matale mass grave case postponed

Friday, 28 June 2013 - 19:12


The case regarding the Matale Mass Grave was heard in the presence of the new Matale Magistrate Sampath Gamage today.


The case was heard in the presence of former Matale Magistrate Chathurika De Silva earlier.


Following the hearing of the case the Matale Magistrate Sampath Gamage adjourned court proceedings till the 19th of July.


The former Magistrate, upon hearing the case on the 31st of May issued orders to the Criminal Investigation Department that, since this is a public utilities case, to publish notices in electronic and print media in all 3 languages for any other aggrieved parties to join the case.


However, the lawyers representing the petitioners stated in court today that this had not taken place during which the CID officials had stated that action will be taken to publish these notices in both electronic and print media expediently.


A large number of relatives of those who had disappeared during the 89 – 90 era had arrived at the court premises to take part in the hearing.


JVP Politburo member Anura Kumara Dissanayaka expressed the following views following the hearing of the case.




Meanwhile, several organizations including the family collective of disappeared persons engaged in a peaceful protest in front of the Matale Magistrate’s court.