American Travel warning unfair - states the ministry of external affairs

Saturday, 29 June 2013 - 12:10


The US State Department has cautioned American citizens visiting Sri Lanka of crimes targeting foreigners.

The latest travel information for US citizens visiting Sri Lanka stated that while most violent crime and sexual assaults occur within local communities, reports of such actions directed at foreigners have been increasing in recent months.

The updated travel advisory also requests American tourists to be careful when using public transportation as well.

It also states that the Sri Lankan justice system can be at times slower than that in the United States.

The US State Department had quoted the case regarding the British National murdered in Sri Lanka as an example.

However upon inquiry by our news team, the secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs Karunathilake Amunugama stated that compared to the other countries of in the zone, such violent crimes and sexual assaults are low in Sri Lanka.

Speaking further he also stated the issuing of such a travel warning wan unfair.