Bus fare hike postponed

Tuesday, 02 July 2013 - 19:26


The Minister of Private Transport has notified the National Transportation Commission to re-evaluate costing on bus fare revisions as per the instructions issued by the Ministry of Finance.


According to the Secretary to the National Transportation Commission, assistance on costing bus fares had been requested from the Ministry of finance earlier.


Accordingly the necessary guidance had been received by the NTC yesterday and several more days would pass to make the new bus fare revisions public.


Secretary to the NTC Padmasiri Jayamanna speaking further expressed the following views in this regard.




Meanwhile the Lanka Private Bus Owners Association states that if steps are not taken immediately to declare the revised price of bus fares, plans are underway to summon the director’s board of the LPBOA tomorrow in a bid to discuss a relevant course of action.


Chairman of the LPBOA Gamunu Wijerathna when contacted had this to say.



President Mahinda Rajapaksa has instructed relevant officials to implement a programme to establish rail gates at unprotected level crossings in a bid to prevent fatalities at level crossings.


During a meeting held at Temple Trees today President Rajapaksa stated that the programme could be successful if civil security committees corporate with the police.


Moreover the President had instructed officials to obtain assistance of the public in order to make the programme a success.