I am a servant of the public and not a leader; MP R Dumindha Silva

Wednesday, 03 July 2013 - 8:32


MP R. Dumindha Silva said that he was an MP who was always with the people and that he was a servant of the people and not their leader.

The MP said so while addressing a function held at the Kolonnawa Urban Council for welcoming him.

MP R. Dumindha Silva was welcomed on his arrival at the ceremony by the team including the Kolonnawa Urban Council Chairman.

A large number of Kolonnaawa residents participated in the occasion.

Addressing the function Kolonnaawa Urban Council Chairman Raveendra Udayashaanta said that the MP’s return was a great strength to Kolonnaawa.


On this occasion Kolonnaawa Urban Councilor Sudat Senaka expressed his views as follows:


Participating at the function, Kolonnaawa Urban Councillor Chintaka Muthukumaarana said that MP R. Dumindha Silva had successfully fulfilled the challenge of winning the Kolonnaawa Urban Council for the SLFP.


Addressing the function MP R. Dumindha Silva said that he would never give up serving his people whatever be the obstacles encountered.


Subsequent to the function, the MP also toured the Kolonnaawa Urban Council.