Protests held demanding public amenities - Vehicular traffic blocked on Matara - Akuressa road

Wednesday, 03 July 2013 - 12:55



Several protests were observed in several parts of the island today by indignant members of the public who demanded unhindered access to public transport.


One of the protests was observed blocking the Mathara Akuressa main route while another was held blocking the Algiriya-Horagoda route.


Protesters engaged in the protests demanded that these routes be renovated since it was impossible for vehicles to ply on them.


Owing to the protests vehicular traffic had been hindered on both routes.


Meanwhile area residents of Kuruwita-Gokarella engaged in yet another protest demanding of authorities to renovate the Galkada-Hunnamulla bridge.


According to our correspondent around 200 protesters had engaged in this protest.