North Western and Central provincial councils dissolved today.

Friday, 05 July 2013 - 8:05


Government sources say that the North Western and Central Provincial Councils are scheduled to be dissolved today.

North Western and Central Provincial Council Chief Ministers also told our news team yesterday say that by now they had signed the documents for dissolving the provincial councils and submitted them to the Provincial Governors.

Meanwhile at the cabinet decision media briefing held yesterday a journalist queried Mass Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella about provincial council dissolution.

The Minister replied as follows:


Reports say that with the dissolution of North Western and Central Provincial Councils, the Government is also ready at the time of calling for nominations to hold the election for the Northern Provincial Council.

Accordingly a Government spokesman said that these provincial council elections were scheduled to be held this September.

The Election Secretariat said that the Election Commissioner would issue the gazette notification calling for nominations within a week after the President or Governor dissolves the provincial councils.

Nominations should be called within 14 or 21 days after the release of the said gazette notification.

Election should be held between five and eight weeks after, day that ends calling of nominations.

Accordingly, most probably the election will be held in the third or last week of September.

However earlier it had been said that the election would be held either on September 7TH or 14TH.