Railway strike today as well; trade unions in a decisive discussion.

Tuesday, 09 July 2013 - 7:48


The 48-hour token strike launched by the Railway graded trade union collective at mid-night day-before-yesterday based on several demands including salary anomalies will continue today as well.

The discussion scheduled to be held last afternoon between railway trade union representatives and the President was unsuccessful with authorities informing that the strike be stopped and then the trade union representatives come for the discussion.

However Railway Graded Trade Union Collective convener Jaanaka Fernando told our news team that a special discussion would be held this forenoon for deciding on the next steps with regard to the strike.


However Transport Minister Kumaara Welgama told our news team yesterday that the salary levels the railway employees were demanding could not be practically granted.

The Minister also said that therefore he was prepared to provide solutions to the problems by discussing further with them.