3 PC elections cost 1500 million rupees.

Friday, 12 July 2013 - 19:14



Discussions took place today between elections commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya and several parties regarding the Nothern, North Western and Central Provincial Council elections scheduled to take place in the future at the elections secretariat in Rajagiriya.


The discussions took place between the elections commissioner, party secretaries and observation networks.


However, during the press conference held this morning, the elections commissioner stated that approximately 1500 million rupees will be spent on these elections.




Meanwhile, a meeting between the elections commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya and Exams commissioner W. M. N. J. K. Pushpakumara took place this afternoon.


The commissioner of examinations W. M. N. J. K. Pushpakumara stated that the discussion with the elections commissioner centred on engaging in election activities in a manner that does not disrupt exams being held in August.


The elections commissioner clarified the laws that will be in effect during that time in the following manner.




Meanwhile, a meeting between party secretaries and the elections took place this afternoon.


Following the conclusion of the election the general secretary of the JVP Tilwin Silva spoke to the media and stated the following.




The UNP was represented by parliamentarian Joseph Michael Perera during the meeting and he expressed the following views regarding what was discussed.




Minister of Power and Energy Pavithra Wanniarachchi represented the government during the meeting.


She expressed the following views regarding the elections commissioner’s responses to the requests of the opposition.