2 candidates from the TNA vie for the chief ministerial post for the NP

Saturday, 13 July 2013 - 12:51


It is reported that 2 candidates are vying for the chief ministerial post for the Northern provincial council election from the TNA.


The 2 candidates are MP Mavai Senadiraja and a former Judge C V Wickneshwara.


Although a meeting was held to select a candidate yesterday the TNA was unable to select a candidate.


19 out of the 21 coordination committee members are in favour of MP Mavai Senadiraja but Party Leader R Sambanthan and MP Sumandiran vehemently opposed it.


Hence the coordination committee of the TNA is scheduled convene once again today to take a final decision regarding the chief ministerial candidate.


Sri Lanka Mulism Congress states that they are in a position to take an independent decision regarding the provincial council elections.


National organiser of the SLMC Shafeek Rajabdeen speaking to our news team had this to say.....