Protest at Theldeniya depot.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 - 8:26



Today is the sixth day since the Teldeniya SLTB Depot employees launched their strike demanding for their salary arrears.

They told our news team that so far no solution for their problem had been given by any authority.

They commenced this strike on the 10th.

Even by now 12 of these employees continue to express their protest by remaining in two trellises built on a tree.

They are demanding for the salaries of last May and June.  

Although permanent salary given to them by the Transport Ministry has been provided to them the allowances given by the depot have so far not been granted to them.

Several employees engaged in the strike explained to our news team the difficulties they have been facing as a result of this. 


Although our news team tried to contact Theldeniya SLTB Depot manager P. Uduwela with regard to this the attempt proved futile because he refused to respond to the telephone call.