9 year old injected with 12 year old's vaccine

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 - 13:15


A 9 year old in the Hingurakgoda area has been administered the Tetanus & Diphtheria vaccine which was due to be administered to 12 year olds.


The 9 year old, a grade 4 student of the Hingurakgoda Rajarata Vidyalaya had been administered the vaccine on the 11th of this month, incidentally the same day on which 7th graders at the school were inoculated.


Meanwhile the Hingurakgoda police have commenced a special investigation into the incident.


The father of the 9 year old Nimal Bandara speaking to our news team expressed the following views in this regard.




Moreover the father of the Child Nimal Bandara added that subsequent to the vaccination his son had been directed to a private physician in order to ascertain his health condition.




When the Hingurakgoda MOH office was contacted in this regard, a spokesperson noted that an inquiry was being launched into the incident.