Deputy Minister of Education Nandimithra Ekanayeke's cab seized.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 - 13:16


It was reported yesterday that a double cab owned by Deputy Minister of Education Nandimithra Ekanayeke was seized in the Mathale Yatawaththa area.

The double cab had been seized while parked in the vicinity of the Yatawaththa area by one of the Deputy Ministers Coordinating Secretaries.

When contacted Deputy Minister Nandimithra Ekanayeke noted that information

had come to light that his coordinating secretaries double cab had been seized by several individuals including the Chairman of the Yatawaththa Pradeshiya, which had thereafter been abandoned subsequent to being driven into a lamp post.

Our news team made several attempt to contact Yatawatta PS Chairman H.D. Lal Attanayake with regard to stealing of the vehicle belonging to the coordinating secretary of the Deputy Minister.

However our attempt failed as his office telephone did not respond.

Our news team then contacted the Yatawatta police, and a senior officer attached to the police station said that he has received a complaint regarding the seizure.

He also said that the Motor Vehicle Registration Department has confirmed that the respective vehicle belongs to the Higher Education Ministry.