Police searches for 4 more suspects at Nuri-waththa

Thursday, 18 July 2013 - 8:11



The police says that four more persons are due to be arrested with regard to the killing of Deraniyagala – Basnaagala – Nooriwatta Superintendent Nihal Perera.


A top Deraniyagala police officer said that even by now a special operation has been put in place for this.


Eighteen members including former Deraniyagala Divisional Council Chairman who had been arrested over Superintendent Nihal Perera’s killing were remanded till 24th instant.


However Deraniyagala – Basnaagala – Nooriwatta people say that police STF officers deployed for the area’s security should continue to stay further.


The residents told our news team that otherwise they would have to again face the situation they had faced throughout the recent past recently;


They pointed out that they were in fear in the recent past due to the violent actions carried out by gangs including former Deraniyagla  Dividional Council chairman.


Speaking further on the subject the residents said that they had also informed Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council Chief Minister Maheepaala Herath with regard to the actions carried out by the gang including former chairman.




Our news team inquired from  Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council Chief Minister Maheepaala Herath whether the situation that had cropped up in the Basnaagala Nooriwatta and whether they informed him about it.