Kevin Rudd selects Sri lanka as a model

Thursday, 18 July 2013 - 12:42


Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is preparing to adapt the Sri Lankan model to discourage illegal immigrants as the number of such immigrants to Australia is on the increase.


An Australian newspaper reported today that the initiatives taken by Sri Lanka to prevent its people migrating through illegal means have worked well. Australia’s decision to send the illegal immigrants back to Sri Lanka has also contributed towards the substantial decline of illegal immigrants.


However people immigrating illegally from Iran to Australia have largely increased as Iran does not welcome back its fleeing citizens.


At the same time, Kevin Rudd’s government will also continue to send all illegal immigrants directly to the Pacific Islands.


Accordingly, the Kevin Rudd government will come to a new agreement with Papua New Guinea and Indonesia with regard to keeping the illegal immigrant in these islands.


The newspaper also reported that the Kevin Rudd government has praised Sri Lanka for its successful initiatives to control economic refugees migrating illegally to Australia.