Ananda Sangari avoids TNA selection meeting

Thursday, 18 July 2013 - 12:44


The TNA Coordinating Committee had a discussion at its Jaffna party office for over 3 hours yesterday to select its candidates for the forthcoming Northern Provincial Council election.


However the Coordinating Committee failed to come to a conclusion as the TULF did not participate in the discussion.


TULF leader V. Ananda Sangaree who was in India at the time of the discussions, arrived in the island yesterday and he expects to reach Jaffna this evening.


TNA leader R. Sampandan too did not participate in the discussions as he was also in India yesterday.


The TNA has selected two representatives from each of its allies to the Coordinating Committee, and in addition, R. Sampandan has been nominated to the Committee.


TULF leader V. Ananda Sangaree expressed his views regarding yesterday’s discussions held in Jaffna.