TNA Chief Ministerial candidate blames Tamilnadu

Saturday, 20 July 2013 - 19:00


TNA Chief Ministerial Candidate for Northern Province C V Vigneshwaran says that India should assure a free and fair election in the North.


In an interview with the Hindustan Times newspaper, he stated that foreign observers should be allowed to monitor the election.


The Journalist had questioned C V Vigneshwaran as to why the TNA constantly directs internal issues in the country towards the international community.


In reply Vigneshwaran stated that the TNA considers India as the International community and said that if India does not pay sufficient attention to such issues, they would have to turn to other countries.


He also stated that certain Tamilnadu politicians were using the issues faced by Sri Lankan Tamils to their own advantage and said that the TNA should be allowed to solve issues in a unitary Sri Lanka