15 government institutions incur a loss; 4 out of them make 98 percent loss.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013 - 19:12


The COPE report revealed today that 4 state institutions are running at a loss of over 98% since 2011.


The COPE report which probed the irregularities and corruption of state institutions was presented to parliament by its Chairman Senior Minister DEW Gunasekera today.


The COPE Committee had undertaken to Investigate 244 state institutions under its vested powers and reports of 32 institutions were presented to parliament last October.


The reports of the balance 212 institutions were presented to parliament today, and 15 out of the 212 institutions were found to be running at a continuous loss.


The COPE Committee has introduced 20 proposals for the loss making institutions and one among them is a new mechanism for finance control.


After the reports of the 4 most losing institutions were presented to parliament, COPE Chairman Senior Minister DEW Gunasekera expressed his views during a media briefing held at the parliamentary complex.