Verdict of Rookantha - Chandralekha case postponed

Wednesday, 24 July 2013 - 12:59


The verdict of the case over barging into the Mattegoda house and annoying well-known singers Rookaantha Gunatilleke and Chandralekhaa Perera 13 years ago, is postponed.


Eleven police officers who had served in the Security Division of former President Chandrikaa Bandaranaike have been charged in connection with the incident.


Panadura High Court Judge Kusalaa Sarojinee Weerawardhana today stated that since one of the respondents of the case was admitted to hospital after a sudden illness the verdict was postponed.


Allegations had been filed against suspects over being members of an illegal assembly on 26th January 2000 and barging into the Mattegoda house of Rookaantha Gunatilleke equipped with arms and causing annoyance to fulfill a common aim.


The Attorney General had thus filed nine serious charges including stealing jewelry from Rookaantha Gunatilleke’s house and taking away his jeep.