No nomination for former councillor who forced a teacher kneel down as well.

Monday, 29 July 2013 - 8:30



Meanwhile reports say that nomination will not be given to former North Western Provincial Councillor Ananda Sarath Kumara who is remanded over a charge of forcing a female teacher to kneel down.


Sources said that he will not get a chance to sign the nomination as he is currently remanded.


Similarly former Karuvala-gaswaeva Divisional Council Chairman Neel  Weerasinghe enlarged on bail by Court too has not got the chance for contesting for the North Western provincial council.


Reports say that he did not participate in signing the nomination yesterday.


The Karuwala-gaswaewa Divisional chairman had been released on bail after being arrested over a charge of having attacked a Puttalam Irrigation officer and being produced before court.


Sources say that the Divisional chairman has been replaced by Wikrama Dharmapriya Thennakoon representing JHU in the UPFA nomination list.


Meanwhile former MP Dayaasiri Jayasekera who left the UNP and is poised for contesting for the North Western Provincial Council did not participate in the UPFA nomination signing yesterday.