Suspects who attacked Malaka Silva not identified yet.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013 - 8:07


The police says that so far no one has been identified with regard to the attack carried out  by a an unidentified gang on Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva’s son Maalaka Silva.

While the Cinnamon Garden Police is probing the incident, it has also took into police custody the Odel shopping complex car park security cameras in connection with identification of suspects.    

While Malaka Silva was attacked inside the Odel shopping complex car park situated in the Colombo Town Hall area last afternoon, reports say that a group arrived in a luxury vehicle inflicted this attacked on him.

Subsequently Minister’s son Maalaka Silva was admitted to the Colombo Navaloka Hospital.

The police said that his head and face had been wounded as a result of the attack.

Public Relations Minister Dr. Mervyn Silva expressing his views from the Navaloka hospital premises last night with regard to the attack stated as follows: