A monk at Rathupaswala in a vast un to death demanding clean drinking water; People surround the factory.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013 - 8:10


Gal-Oluva Sambuddha Jayanthi Buddhist Temple Chief Incumbent Venerable Theripaehae Siridhamma Thero began a fast unto death last night demanding a solution to the drinking water problem affecting 10 villages in Waeliweriya.

The prelate thus began the fast unto death saying that no result would be forthcoming from the committee appointed last afternoon headed by an additional Gampaha District Secretary.

This committee was appointed after a discussion held at the Gampaha District Secretariat yesterday for resolving the problem.

While the discussion was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna, it was decided at the discussion to resolve the problem within two weeks.

Deputy Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna expressing his views on the subject to our news team stated as follows:


People of about 10 surrounding villages  face a potable water problem as a result of a factory run at Naendungamuwa in Waeliweriya.

The people allege that as a result of the chemical substances exuded from the factory the acidity of the water in their wells has gone up.

They also said that as a result it has become impossible to drink the water.  

Although the relevant authorities had been informed about this several times it had not yielded any positive result.

Due to this they had organized several protests too during the past several days.

While this problem had been revealed through Red Notice, on this occasion the Deputy Health Minister had said that he would focus his attention on the problem.

However our reporter said that the villagers had surrounded  the factory from last night till now.