President says his policies have not changed

Tuesday, 30 July 2013 - 19:19


Addressing the heads of media institutions at Temple Trees this morning President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that his policies have not changed to date.


When journalists asked him his comments on the Commission appointed to probe the disappeared persons, the President had this to say.




The President was also asked to comment on the dispute between Sri Lankan and Indian fishermen.




Meanwhile the President said that a group of TNA representatives had held discussions to join the government.


When asked whether any more MPs are in the waiting list to join the government, the President said that the door has now been closed.


The Heads of Media Institutions also brought the attention of the President to the murder of the Superintendent of the Nooriwatta estate in Deraniyagala.


President Rajapaksa telephoned the IGP immediately and obtained a feedback of the investigations into the murder of the superintendent.


He quoted the IGP saying that there were complaints made against the police as well, so investigators have recorded statements from the residents.


Meanwhile views were expressed on the forthcoming heads of Commonwealth meeting.


External Affairs Ministry officials stated that 54 countries have already informed their participation in the meeting.


The officials are also confident that heads of 80 to 85 percent of those countries would attend the meeting.


They also stated that the Canadian Foreign Minister will also participate in the meeting and the Prime Minister could also participate.


Meanwhile Finance Ministry Secretary Dr. P.B. Jayasundara expressed his views on the expenditure of the Commonwealth meeting.   


Addressing a media briefing held in Colombo today, the JVP Propaganda Secretary, MP Vijitha Herath said that the Government has already infused violence into the forthcoming Provincial Council election.




Meanwhile UNP General Secretary MP Tissa Attanayake told a media briefing held in Colombo today that his party has already appointed group leaders to all Provincial Councils.