Rathupas-wala fast not yet over.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013 - 8:16


The fast unto death began day before yesterday by the Chief incumbent of the Sambuddha Jayanthi Viharaya at Ratupaswala in Weliweriya is still continuing.

Chief Incumbent, Teri pehe Siri Damma Thera began the fast demanding a solution to the water contamination in the area which affected residents of 10 villages in the area after a factory released toxic chemicals to the environment.


The affected people demanded the authorities to provide them drinking water free of charge.

Residents allege that as a result of the chemical substances exuded from the factory the acidity of the water in their wells has gone up.

They also said that as a result it has become impossible to drink the water.  

Although the relevant authorities had been informed about this several times it had not yielded any positive result.

Meanwhile the movement for abhorring chemical substances, obtained water samples from several sites in the area where the water problem concerned existed.

On this occasion their attention had been drawn on information obtained from residents of the area and environmental problems which have cropped up in water-fed areas close to the factory concerned.

Movement for abhorring chemical substances chairman Anuraadha Prabhaath said that if the chemical sub-substance disposal environment permit issued annually had been properly issued a problematic situation such as this could not have occurred.


Our news team inquired from Central Environmental Authority Chairman Wimal Ruubasinghe whether the environmental permit issued to the factory concerned had been properly updated annually.

Responding to our query, the CEA chairman said that since action with regard to this is handled by the CEA regional office, he would inquire about it from the regional office.

Our news team inquired from PHI Association Secretary C. H. Muthukuda about the importance of the PH value prevalent in water.