Rathupaswala water case postponed; Drinking water issue throughout Gampaha; Doubt about water in Western Prov.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013 - 19:24


The Gampaha Magistrate considered the reports submitted by the police on the controversial factory at Nedungamuwa in Weliweriya today and informed that it cannot issue an order to close the factory.


Gampaha Magistrate Heshantha de Mel stated this after considering the “B” report produced by the police on the prevailing situation of the area.


Residents of 10 villagers including Weliweriya, Nedungamuwa and Ratupaswala areas have been protesting against a factory releasing toxic waste in the area since last Saturday.


Under the Clause 124 of the Penal Code, Gampaha SP Ranjith Masinghe submitted the report to the Court today and requested the Court assistance in the investigations which are ascertaining whether the operation of this factory is the root cause to the contamination of the ground water resources.


4 pubic petitions in connection with the same issue were also submitted to the Courts today.


The Magistrate stated that the content of the 4 petitions were not sufficient to issue an order to close the factory with immediate effect.


The magistrate also permitted the police to allow 5 parties to submit reports after testing the root causes to the contamination of the ground water sources in the area.


Accordingly the case will be taken for hearing tomorrow.


Chairman of the Water Supply and Drainage Board Karunasena Hettiarachchi said that however necessary steps have been taken to provide drinking water to the residents in the area.




Meanwhile the Water Supply and Drainage Board stated that there is a doubt about the purity of ground water in the Western Province since the well water in Weliweriya and Ratupaswala areas found to be contaminated.