Handing over of nominations for NW, Central and Northern provincial council election ends today.

Thursday, 01 August 2013 - 8:03


The nominations for the 3 Provincial Council elections will close by 12 noon today.


15 political parties and 36 independent groups have handed over nominations to-date for the forthcoming elections in the North, North Western and Central Provincial Councils.


Among these parties are the UPFA, UNP, JVP, Eelavar Democratic Party, Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi, Eksath Lanka Maha Sabhava, CWC and the Janasetha Front.


Other political parties which have handed over nominations are Socialists Equality Party, United Organization of Nationals, Our National Front, SLMC, Democratic Party, United Socialist Party and Patriotic National Front.


The deadline to deposit cash bonds for the PC election expired yesterday at 12 noon.


The Election Commissioner’s Office stated that 81 independent groups deposited cash bonds before the deadline today.