Rathupaswala monk re-start fast un to death; case against the controversial factory postponed.

Thursday, 01 August 2013 - 13:08


The case in connection with the controversial factory which is operated at Nedungamuwa in Ratupaswala was taken again for hearing today for its second day.

The Magistrate said that the reports submitted by the police and the lawyers on behalf of the affected residents to support the case were not sufficient to continue the hearing.

Later the case was postponed for August 22nd.

Meanwhile Teripehe Siridamma Thera has restarted his fast unto death in protest of the drinking water problem which was allegedly caused by the faulted factory at Nedungamuwa in Weliweriya.

The Thera who started his fast unto death on last Saturday called off it yesterday after the President paid concerns on the issue.

Teripehe Siridamma Thera, after starting the fast unto death protest today expressed his views to our news team.