GCE A/L begins today; request from election candidates not to interrupt.

Monday, 05 August 2013 - 8:10


The GCE A/L examination begins today.


according to the new syllabus at school level 235 thousand 318 students and 45 thousand 240 private candidates are scheduled to sit the examination.


Similarly 12 thousand 146 candidates are due to sit the examination.


This time the examination is held at 2164 centres.


While the A/L examination that begins today will be held till 31st instant, more than 16,000 staffs have been deployed on examination duty.


Examinations Commissioner W. M. N. J. Pushpakumara said that facilities necessary for sitting the examination without any obstacle have been provided to students this time.




The Examinations Department requests its special operations unit to be informed of any malpractices that take place at the GCE Advanced Level examination.


Examinations Commissioner General W M N J Pushpakumara stated that officials should ensure that staff deployed on examination duty should not be involved in any other duties.


Any official failing in his or her duties or having been involved in any malpractices will be considered as a punishable offence and stern disciplinary action will be taken against such officials.


Complaints on examination malpractices can be lodged by calling the hotline 1911 or 0112 78 42 08, 0112 784537.


Meanwhile the President also has instructed that action be taken to conduct the propaganda activities without causing any obstacle to the A/L and scholarship examinations.  


The President has also instructed the election candidates not to carry out propaganda activities in the vicinity of examination centres.


Police media spokesman SP Buddhika Sirwardhana said that relevant legal action would be taken against any person behaving in a manner that impedes GCE A/L examination activities that begin today.