HRC summons 26 Institutions to enquire about the drinking water problem in Waliweriya.

Monday, 05 August 2013 - 19:20


The Human Rights Commission summoned 26 State Institutions today to enquire about the drinking water problem which developed to an untoward situation at Weliweriya.


The District Secretary of Gampaha, top police officials in charge of the area and several heads of relevant state institutions submitted their say in this regard.


The Commissioned gave priority to ascertain whether the relevant state institutions had taken remedial action to this problem.


Later, a member of the Human Rights Commission Dr. Prathibha Mahanama said that the state institutions which are responsible for this matter had lacked coordination among themselves in finding a solution to the problem.




Water is a basic human right.


Dr. Mahanamaheva further said that his Commission would scrutinize whether the residents of Rathupaswala were deprived of this basic right.


He added that the Commission will also examine whether the human rights were violated during the recent Weliweriya incident.


Dr. Mahanamaheva said that the Commission expects to enquire members of the civil organizations and the clergy during its proceedings in the future.


Senior DIG of the Western North Division Anura Senanayake also expressed his views to media.




Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe visited the house of 19-year-old Ravishan Perera who died of his injuries during the incident.




Meanwhile Peoples Movement for Democracy staged a protest against the Weliweriya incident in front of the Fort Railway Station this afternoon.