4 students admitted to hospital following a clash

Wednesday, 07 August 2013 - 19:28



4 students have been admitted to the Padaviya hospital as a result of a clash that occurred between two groups of students who took part in a seminar at the Padaviya Mahasen Vidyalaya.


The seminar was organized by the North Central Education Department for students who are sitting for the ordinary level exam this year.


Apart from the students of the Padaviya Mahasen Vidyalaya, students from the Padaviya Buddangala Maha Vidyalaya and Parakramapura Maha Vidyalaya also took part in this seminar.


The clash took place as a result of an argument that took place regarding insufficient seating at the seminar.


The police stated that 3 of the students who were admitted to hospital were from the Padaviya Buddangala Maha Vidyalaya and the other student was from Padaviya Mahasen Vidyalaya.


Parents of the students who were attacked stated that their children were attacked utilizing sharp implements.


Upon inquiry by our news team, a police spokesperson stated that an investigation has been initiated regarding the incident.