Nalin Bandara takes oaths in place of Dayasiri today.

Thursday, 08 August 2013 - 8:04


Former UNP North Western Provincial Councillor Nalin Bandaara is scheduled to take oaths in parliament  today in place of the parliamentary seat made vacant by former MP Dayaasiri Jayasekera.  

Five UNP MPs were elected representing Kurunegala District at the General Election in 2010.

On that occasion MP Dayaasiri Jayasekera gained the District’s first place obtaining 132 thousand preferential votes.  

The vacancy created by MP Dayaasiri Jayasekera’s resignation from MP position on 24th ultimo, was scheduled to be filled by former UNP North Western Provincial Councillor Nalin Bandaara.

Nalin Badaara received 29 thousand 663 preferential votes at the last General Election.

Former Provincial Councillor Nalin Bandaara currently serves as UNP’s Bingiriya Electoral organizer as well.

Former Provincial Councillor Nalin Bandaara expressing his views to our news team with regard to obtaining the opportunity to take oaths as an MP stated as follows: