Health Ministry asks to withdraw milk powder and other supplementary food tainted with whey protein.

Monday, 12 August 2013 - 19:33


New Zealand media reported today that its Foreign Minister Murray McCully would visit Sri Lanka to discuss the powdered milk ban.

He is having discussions with Chinese authorities on the same issue at the moment, and later flies to Colombo.

Having found that samples of Fonterra brand milk powder contained

Di-cyan-dia-mide, the import of the brand has been suspended temporarily.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key told media that his Foreign Minister expects to meet Sri Lankan authorities and convince them that only a very low level of Di-cyan-dia-mide is contained in Fonterra products.

Assistant Director of Science Regulatory Activities of Fonterra Dr. Sanath Maha-vitanage told a recent media conference that his company withdrew two batches of Fonterra products on the instructions of the Health Ministry.


Meanwhile the Health Services Director informed all production and distributing companies today to withdraw all supplementary products of Fonterra from stores until the investigation to ascertain if bacteria, Clos-tri-dium Botu-lism is contained in these products.

At the moment, over 100 samples of milk based products are being investigated.

Tests have confirmed that Whey Protein is contained in several supplementary products such as Chocolates, Energy drinks, Cheese, Butter, Toffees and biscuits.

Therefore the Health Ministry warns consumers to take caution and check the label of ingredients on the food packet and ensure that the product is free of Whey Protein or Whey powder.

Health Services Director Dr. Palitha Mahipala urges consumers not to buy products which contained Whey Protein and Whey Powder as they could be harmful to human health.

A team of 50 Ministry Officials and Public Health Officers led by Colombo Municipal Council Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pradeep Kariyawasam conducted a field visit within Colombo city today to check whether stores are free of the banned milk products.

After the field visit, Health Services Director Dr. Palitha Mahipala expressed his views.