Grandpass issue solved.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013 - 8:38


The Colombo Municipal Council took steps yesterday to remove the Bo Tree that was in front of the Mas-theenu Jinnu Lisnam Mosque in Grandpass which had led to differences of opinion.

While a tense situation cropped up in the area recently between two groups, accordingly police curfew was also imposed in the area.

However it was later decided to remove the Bo Tree in front of this long standing mosque and make the space available.

Similarly it was agreed to use the longstanding place for religious observances without using the new building belonging to the Mosque.

Accordingly after performing religious observances, pirith was chanted and the Bo Tree was removed.

Grandpass Samaadhi Buddhist Temple Chief Incumbent Venerable Bopaelaessey Anuruddha Thero expressing his views on the subject to our news team stated as follows.


Grandpass Mastheenu Jinnu Lisnam Mosque Treasurer Abdul Hameed expressing his views on the subject stated as follows:


The residents too expressed their views about it as follows: