14 persons arrested in connection with human trafficking; 4 naval officers among them.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013 - 8:00


Police has arrested 14 persons connected with illegal human trafficking to Australia by sea.


That was after a search operation carried out for several days.


The Police media Spokesman’s office said that the Matara CID had carried out the relevant investigations.


Accordingly relevant suspects have been arrested from Trincomalee,

Kalwan-chi-kudi, Kantaley and Batticaloa.


While six suspects were arrested on 9th instant, the other suspects were arrested day-before-yesterday.


The police media spokesman’s office said that there were four naval officers among those thus arrested.


After these suspects were produced before the Matara Magistrate yesterday, the court gave permission to detain them and question them till 15th instant.


The Matara police arrested on 8th August, 39 persons who were ready to illegally emigrate to Australia by sea.


Information about these persons connected with human trafficking came to light, according to information obtained from them.