A Cabinet sub committee to review new bus fare policy

Friday, 16 August 2013 - 18:31


A cabinet subcommittee has been appointed to create a new bus fare policy based on a quality bus service according to a cabinet paper presented to the cabinet by minister of private transportation C. B. Ratnayaka.

The objective of the subcommittee is to create a new bus far policy after engaging in discussions with all parties relevant to the bus industry and to ensure that the public receive a quality bus service.

Speaking to our news team Minister Rathnayaka stated that the subcommittee will also review the progress of the existing national bus policy and use facts found in the existing policy when creating the new bus fare policy.


Extensive dialogue took place recently regarding the right to change bus fare after the chairman of the Lanka Private Bus Owners Association Gemunu Wijeratne stated that there is an issue regarding the right to amend bus fares.

Gemunu Wijerathne and the chairman of the National Transport Commission Roshan Gunawardena engaged in a heated conversation in the following manner.