Dispute between Kandy hospital doctors and nurses deepens - A male nurse protests on a tree

Friday, 16 August 2013 - 18:39


A nurse engaged in a protest atop a tree in the Kandy General Hospital grounds today.

Nawarathna Bandara, the nursing officer in question, is currently engaging in the protest demanding that the authorities withdraw the decision taken with regard to the issue between the doctors and the nurses of the hospital regarding a restroom.

An issue arose between the doctors and the nurses of the Kandy General Hospital approximately a month ago over the ownership of a restroom.

Despite the efforts of the hospital authorities and the ministry of health no solution was found for the issue.

Subsequently the doctors of the hospital stopped seeing OPD patients, conducting clinics and performing scheduled surgeries for several days.

One of the main demands of the doctors who engaged in trade union actions was that the hospital authorities transfer a female nurse who serves in the hospital surgery room who acted in an undisciplined manner to a different division.

During a discussion held with the health officials yesterday the officials had agreed to do and as a result the doctors had agreed to conclude their trade union actions.

However, the male nurse who climbed the tree stated that he is engaging in his protest against the decision taken by the authorities to transfer the female nurse to a different division of the hospital.

However, the deputy director general of medical services of the Ministry of Health Ananda Gunasekara arrived this afternoon at the location where this nursing officer is engaging in the protest.

Although he requested Nawarathna Bandara to conclude his protest Nawarathna Bandara did not agree.

The following is how the deputy director general of medical services of the Ministry of Health Ananda Gunasekara explained the situation to Nawarathna Bandara


Subsequently our news team engaged in a phone conversation with Nawarathna Bandara who is atop the tree.


Meanwhile, the secretary of the Kandy branch of the Government Nursing Officers Association Prabath Paleepana stated that the GNOA has decided to initiate severe trade union actions against this decision taken yesterday.