Allegations that year 5 scholarship has been denied to a group of students in a school in Maradana.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 - 8:08


The Lanka Teacher Services Union says that the Maradana Sahira College Principal has instructed  a group of the school’s students not to sit the year five scholarship examination this year which they had been scheduled to sit this year.


The Union General Secretary Mahinda Jayasinghe told our news team that students had been selected for sitting the examination after an examination held in the school.


He said further that instruction had been given to students who got low marks at the school examination not to sit the Scholarship examination on the ground that it will affect the school’s prestige.


We inquired about this from Maradana Zahiraa College Principal Rizvi Marikkaar.


The Principal said that about 30 students had not come to the relevant proficiency level.


However he also emphasised that this was a decision voluntarily taken by parents.




The principal said further that since his school was a semi-government school such decisions could be taken.