Money and Jewellery worth 20 million rupees stolen from a private finance company in Gampaha

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 - 19:15


A group of armed individuals who raided a private finance firm in the Gampaha town today has stolen money and jewellery worth almost 20 million rupees.


A senior police officer in charge of the region stated that the robbery was carried out by 5 individuals who had arrived in a black double cab.


One armed individual who had entered the premises had intimidated an officer inside the firm and then 4 more armed individuals had entered the premises.


During the robbery the security officer at the firm was also assaulted by the robbers.


The officer in charge of the Gampaha region stated that subsequently the robbers had secured the employees of the firm in a room after tying them up and stolen the money and jewelry stored in two safes and fled the scene.


Speaking further he stated that the value of the money stolen was close to 1.1 million rupees.


The police stated that while no information has been unearthed regarding the individuals who took part in the robbery, several police teams have been deployed to conduct investigations.