Individual suspected of raping and murdering girl in Diyatalawa arrested

Thursday, 22 August 2013 - 13:00



The suspect in the rape and murder of an 8 year old female child in the Diyatalawa – Alle-gama region has been arrested by the police last night while he was staying at a friend’s residence in the Diyatalawa – Jayamini-pura region.


The suspect had taken the child on the 18th of this month on the pretext of seeing a perahera.


The parents of the child had complained to the police after she did not return home.


Subsequently the body of the raped and murdered child was found in a thicket near the suspect’s house as a result of a search carried out.


The deceased child, 8 year old Ireshika Sath-sarani, was a grade 3 student of the Alle-gama Junior School.


After the incident the suspect had fled the area and subsequently the Diyatalawa police initiated investigations along several avenues.


Meanwhile several allegations of child abuse were leveled against the deputy mayor as well.


The Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Affairs has again requested the Attorney General’s Department once again to impose the death penalty and rigorous imprisonment to those who are guilty of child abuse.


Subject minister Thissa Karaliyadda stated that his ministry made the same request from the Attorney General’s Department 6 months ago.


However, he stated that he drew the attention of the Attorney General’s Department to this once again as a result of the spate of child abuse cases reported in the recent past.