ITI gives explanation regarding its DCD tests

Thursday, 22 August 2013 - 13:02


The Industrial Technology Institute confirmed today that the latest stocks of milk powder received at the Colombo port did not contain the chemical DCD.


Director of the ITI Professor Sirimal Premakumara made this statement during a press conference organized by the ITI at the ITI premises today.


Elaborating further he stated that the tests carried out by the ITI confirmed that DCD was found in imported milk powder that was available in the local market before.


However, speaking further he stated that after conducting tests on 7 samples taken from the stock of imported milk powder in the Colombo Port, it was confirmed that DCD was not found in the newer stocks.


Director of the ITI Professor Sirimal Premakumar made the following statement in this regard.



The Ministry of Health stated that a certificate issued from a recognized laboratory should be presented confirming that milk powder imported to the country does not contain the chemical DCD.


Accordingly the Food Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Health which convened on the 15th took this decision.


In this background the government decided to appoint a cabinet sub committee to inquire into the facts stating that the chemical DCD and Whey Protein are found in milk powder sold in the country based on a proposal presented by Minister Maithreepala Sirisena.